Who We Are

The Coastal Training Program is a national initiative being implemented through  NOAA's National Estuarine Research Reserve System. The programs purpose is to help coastal managers gain a better understanding of environmental issues, science, and environmental regulations and managing our natural resources. The program is funded by NOAA but locally implemented in Maryland by the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve within the Chesapeake and Coastal Service of the Department of Natural Resources.  

The Mission of the Maryland Coastal Training Program is to enhance informed decision making about Chesapeake Bay natural resource conservation and management issues through the transfer of science-based information and skills to audiences whose decisions impact natural resources in Maryland's coastal counties. The Maryland CTP serves the 16 coastal counties and Baltimore City. 

Topic areas addressed through trainings include:

  • Managing the Effects of Development along the Shoreline
  • Watershed Management & Sustainability
  • Coastal Flooding, Sea Level Rise, & Climate Change
  • Professional Development and Skills Training
See the course catalog for more information. 


Although the Coastal Training program is coordinated and administered through the Chesapeake and Coastal Service, it is based on a collaborative effort between multiple organizations and agencies. It is guided by an advisory committee and it is a true collaborative effort.