Watershed Resources Registry Tool

Watershed Resources Registry Tool

This course is a computer based training that will guide participants on how to use the Watershed Resources Registry (WRR) Tool.  The WRR is a GIS based targeting tool developed to analyze watersheds and identify the best opportunities for the protection of high quality resources, restoration of impaired resources, resource conservation and environmental resource planning and improvement of stormwater management.   The WRR is a project of the Green Highways Partnership, a partnership of agencies who developed a framework for integrated watershed management

Through the course participants will:

1. Learn how to use the Watershed Resources Registry tool to characterize and prioritize natural resource restoration and conservation opportunities.


2. Become familiar with how state and federal agencies are using the tool for regulatory and non-regulatory programs.

3. Explore a variety of common applications for the tool including TMDL Watershed Implementation Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation Review.

4. Improve your use of the tool through hands-on training and direct interaction with the tool developers. 

5.  Learn about the criteria developed by members of the WRR technical advisory committee that went into the creation of the water resource improvement opportunities outputs.  

For more information:  Go to the WRR Website